Women meet inside Trinity Lutheran Church every week to loom mats out of plastic bags so those without a place to call home, can have a comfortable spot to lay their heads.

“They have their own mat, and they hang on to their own mat, they’re easy to wash and they’re warm.” Turtle Lake mat maker Aileen Erdmann said.

The process for making the mats starts with checking for tears in the bag, flattening them, folding them, and cutting them.

“The rest gets cut into three pieces and then we loop them together and roll them up into balls,” Turtle Lake mat maker Karin Hanson said.

The group has been doing this for about five years.

“We’ve been at it ever since. You just ask a few people, ‘Would you like to come?'” Hanson said.

Mats like these are made out of 2,000 trash bags.

About 13 Volunteers craft them inside the church every Tuesday and Wednesday and some do it inside their homes.

“We’re not always here at all times at the same time. We have other things,” Hanson said.

Mats have been delivered to nonprofits like Ministry on the Margins and Soup Café. About ninety mats have been made so far by the group of ladies.

“I use about five to six balls a day and it takes me roughly about five to six days to make one,” Erdmann said.

The group meets every Tuesday at 1:30 and Wednesday at two in the afternoon. Although they are hard at work, they also take a coffee break.