MAX, N.D. (KXNET) — The aftermath of the weekend storm continues to impact the region, including in Max — where the city has put a do not use water advisory in place for all residents.

Due to the power outages over the weekend, the water distribution system from North Prairie Regional Water District to the City of Max lost pressure, which could result in potential waterborne diseases contaminating the water in Max.

The City of Max will continue to monitor the water and the do not use water advisory will remain in effect until the system has been flushed and tests indicate the water is safe to use.

Ward Heidbreder with North Dakota Rural Water Systems says people are in good spirits but have had some questions.

“There’s, why is this? The water looks clear. Well, its microbiology or microbiologic contaminates, and or other contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, that can flow back into the water when there’s a loss of pressure,” said Heidbreder.

The technical advisor for North Dakota Rural Water Systems says once water levels reach lower than 20 PSI, it can cause harmful bacteria to enter the city’s water systems. Samples have been collected and sent to Bismarck for testing. They will hear 24 hours from now their water will be usable

Originally the order was a boil to use water advisory, according to Heidbreder.

But once the water levels dropped below a certain level, it was reported to the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, who then determined a no water use advisory was necessary until tests came back clear.

Schools and restaurants closed Monday and Tuesday due to the advisory, and the gas station is sold out of gallon water jugs.

The City of Max has received pallets of bottled water that are at City Hall for all residents in the area.

The city’s Director of Maintenance, Don Krebsbach says people have been gracious and understanding of the situation, other than feeling overwhelmed.

“I cannot wait to get that phone call tomorrow that says we are all clear, everybody can drink the water, go back to normal. That’s what everybody’s looking forward to,” said Krebsbach.

The City of Max will have updates on the water advisory posted at City Hall.