WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — KX News has obtained a copy of the written reprimand issued to a Willison elementary school principal who was reinstated to his position this week.

The letter of reprimand states that the investigation confirmed McVay elementary school principal Jeremy Mehlhoff entered a kindergarten classroom, shut the door, and yelled at five and six-year-olds, making at least four of them cry.

The letter continues, “Soon afterward, you confirmed to adult colleagues that you had just lit into a group of kindergarteners.”

The letter also states that Mehlhoff removed a teacher from a performance improvement plan, though the improvement requirements of the plan had not been met.

In a letter to student families and staff, Mehlhoff stated “As an administrator with 15 years of experience I know better than to scream at students and handle a situation in this manner”.

The reprimand mentioned the possibility of transferring Mehlhoff to another school with older students for the next school year.

KX News reached out to Mehlhoff who said he would refrain from commenting at this time. However, Mehlhoff pointed to social media comments left by community members regarding the original announcement that he would be placed on leave. The overwhelming majority of those who commented on the social media post spoke highly about his work within the school district.

The written reprimand and Mehlhoff’s response can be found below.


McVay Elementary School principal Jeremy Mehlhoff resumed his position today after he was placed on administrative leave last week following an investigation into multiple allegations against him.

Williston Public School District 7 Superintendent Dr. Richard Faidley confirmed to KX News, that Mehloff will be reinstated to his position beginning today.

Mehlhoff was placed on paid administrative leave on Wednesday, January 25th as allegations made against him were investigated. Faidley confirmed the investigation is complete and while some allegations were unfounded, others were substantiated.

KX News requested more information from the superintendent regarding those substantiated allegations but has not heard back.


WILLISTON, N.D. (KXNET) — McVay Elementary School principal Jeremy Mehlhoff has been placed on administrative leave following multiple allegations against him.

According to Williston School Superintendant Richard Faidley, this is an ongoing investigation being conducted by Assistant Superintendent Kevin Klassen, and hopes this will be completed as soon as possible.

Faidley stated that he was unable to comment on the specifics of the allegations at this time.

This is an ongoing story and KX News will provide updates as new information comes in.