Extreme heat can cause harm to the human body and it will also damage your car. This summer when planning a trip in town or a long road trip, Troy Gunsch said with hot weather your vehicle needs to be ready before hitting the road.

“A lot of people think that making it through winter is a hard thing, summer is just as hard. In the extreme heat, people push them further distances because they’re vacationing,” Gunscher’s Repair Owner Troy Gunsch said.

Readiness includes checking tires, your air-conditioning, oil, and coolant. These are ways to make your vehicle ready for the heat. Gunsch said another way to notice something out of line with your vehicle is by listening for unusual sounds.

“People roll their windows down because it’s nice out. If they’re hearing some noises because the brakes are squeaking, the front brakes are squeaking or the front suspension is squeaking at them, the chances are there are problems,” Gunsch said.

As the temperatures rise so can repair costs; especially when you’re dealing with heat and sun damage.

“It can cook an engine, it can cook a transmission, it doesn’t take long. They get them overheated and they drive for 10 miles and you’re looking at four grand for a transmission to eight or nine grand for an engine,” Gunsch said.

Out of 12 years in the industry, Gunsh said breakdowns are bound to happen when we least expect it and at the worst time miles away from home.

“You always do what you can to try to help them. We’ll get people on vacation, and they’ll break down and they’re 1200 miles from home and you gotta do what you can,” Gunsch said.