For the past 35 years, the Mission Builders, a national organization, has volunteered their time to complete more than 300 projects in 38 states.
A Mission Builder project is currently in the works up at Lake Metigoshe.

Metigoshe Ministries serves more than 10,000 youth and adults every year, regardless of religious affiliation.
Serving that many people is quite an undertaking, which is what brought about a huge expansion that’s been a long time coming.

“We want people to come and enjoy the beauty of gods creation,” said Metigoshe Ministries executive director, Jon Halvorson.

For many years, people have been doing that through Metigoshe Ministries.
But more and more people looking to stay or use space at Lakeside Christian Center has led to the need for more room.

“We track guest turnaways and over a six month period, we had to turn away approximately 800 overnight guests,” he said.

Halvorson said the place is pretty much bursting at the seams.
Through fundraising efforts, he was able to bring on the Mission Builders.
“It’s an opportunity to give back,” project manager, Bob Risberg said.

Twelve mission builders and their spouses from all over the country are living in RVs, on-site, to help build the much-needed addition.
“We bring so many different gifts to this,” said Risberg, “and we all learn from each other.”

The new building will include 6 sleeping rooms, 3 big retreat and conference rooms and new chapel space.

Right now, the current retreat room doubles as a Sunday worship space, which oftentimes means retreats have to end short on Saturdays.

Halvorson said, “This space will allow us to serve those were called to serve, even better.”

Local volunteers have helping hands to offer, too.
“It gives me something to do,” Rourke Richardson laughed.
He and his wife live just 7 miles down the road. Richardson said he’s happy to help on the land his wife’s great grandparents once farmsteaded on.

About 60 volunteers total have helped so far.

Mission Builders are expected to finish their part of the construction by October 1, and this isn’t the first time they’ve been to Lake Metigoshe.

They’ve actually been helping Metigoshe ministries for the past 3 years with projects over at the summer campsite.
Altogether, they’ve helped to save about 500,000 dollars on these projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mission Builders, call 406-844-2683.