BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Friday was the first day of the NCCR weekend conference. The conference will last until Sunday and allows law enforcement, first responders, and nurses, to learn about a range of topics from experts in their field.

“Kate and I got a bunch of people to help teach.; doctors, Mandan Fire, Bismarck Police. We have people coming from there as well,” said Amy Kruger, education director.

Amy Kruger and Kate Pazanin both work for Metro Area Ambulance and decided they wanted to create an event that would help educate people on several important topics.

“We really wanted to have different topics that individuals don’t really learn every day. Human trafficking, gang taskforce topic, online exploitation,” said Pazanin.

These might be difficult issues to discuss, but Kruger says it’s something that first responders, law enforcement, and others deal with in their careers.

“We might not recognize it if we don’t get educated. So I think the education is important for all of us if we are working on the ambulance, you know for the police,” said Kruger.

Another subject that will be discussed at the conference is mental health. Pazanin says she’ll be teaching about that.

“It’s such a hot topic and is such a topic that doesn’t get touched on enough. So, that’s something else we really want to get across,” said Pazanin.

Pazanin also says she’ll be focusing on the basics. She says it’s just as important to check on your own mental health as it is to check on others.

“We are always dealing with mental health even in family situations, dealing with yourself and remembering the do’s and dont’s and dealing with your own self-care and own health,” said Pazanin.

Kruger says because it’s their first year there are a lot of unknowns, however, she hopes this year will be a success so that Metro Ambulance can continue these types of conferences annually.

You can register by clicking here.