After two more cities and a reservation in the region announced they would enforce a mask mandate earlier this week, the Three Affiliated Tribes has now joined too.

Chairman Mark Fox told KX News Wednesday that masks have been required in tribal buildings for some time. But now, tribal officials have extended that mandate to all buildings and businesses on the reservation. Fox says, unlike the other cities, this mandate does come with penalties.

“We basically put civil penalties into place, individually. Very minimal: Warning, $50, $100, $200. But it is more so the businesses. The businesses have to safeguard their facilities,” said Fox.

Chairman Fox says if businesses fail to enforce the mandate, they will be cited and fined as well, with the penalty growing larger each time they’re cited. The biggest penalty is the loss of their business license.

He added that if businesses do not want to cooperate with compliance checks, they will be fined $500 a day until they do comply.

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