MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Milo Blaine Whitetail has been found guilty of the May 2020 murder of Eric Patterson at a Minot hotel.

The jury found that Whitetail stabbed the victim with a steak knife several times in an argument over missing batteries in Whitetail’s T.V. remote.

Defense attorney, Kyle Craig, argued that Whitetail acted in self-defense.

Whitetail claims that after inviting Patterson into his hotel room, Patterson grabbed him by the throat and landed on the floor with Patterson on top of Whitetail.

That’s when he said Whitetail grabbed a steak knife and stabbed Patterson, who Craig argues was high on meth at the time, which could make him act impulsively.

Ward County Assistant State’s Attorney, Tiffany Sorgen, told the jury quote, “A man lost his life over a stupid piece of plastic!”

She also stated that Whitetail is twice Patterson’s size and has a previous criminal record in federal, state, and tribal courts, including violent offenses.

The jury was made up of all men and one woman.

They returned the guilty verdict in just a few hours.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 28.