For those who don’t have places to go, days like today can be extremely dangerous. Ministry on the Margins in Bismarck opened its doors for people who need a safe place to stay during this blizzard.

Ministry on the Margins has a coffee house and a food pantry that they have been using to supply people with their food needs for the next few days. Sister Kathleen Atkinson, director of Ministry on the Margins, said all are welcome to take shelter in the ministry, whether it’s because you have nowhere to go or you just need a safe environment to be in.

Sister Atkinson told KX News what they are doing while they wait out this weather.

“We have just finished binge-watching Madea, and yesterday was Star Wars, and we took a big break and we played BINGO,” Atkinson said.

Sister Atkinson said the ministry opened late Sunday evening and will stay open until the storm passes for anyone who needs warmth during this winter storm.