“We usually have a really fun time on Christmas, it’s like get together with family and all that,” Lucy Leischner said.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, the Leischner family has many ways of carrying out their Christmas traditions.

“We put ornaments on the tree,” Lucy Leischner said

Some of the traditions include decorating, sharing the tales of the family and a unique way of unwrapping presents.

“When you open a box, and then there’s another box and then it keeps going on. The last box, it’s something really tiny inside,” Greta Leischner said.

Beth Leischner said although it looked like Christmas outside, so much has changed over decades.

“I grew up on a farm, so we would have some family over and we always brought sleds. We had the sleds with the two metal rails on it, we didn’t have the sleds like they do today,“ Beth Leischner said.

This Christmas was important to the family, they drove from Minnesota to Bismarck.

The family makes a trip once every other year for Christmas.

“My dad has had some health problems and you never know what future Christmas’ are going to look like. We are just having as much fun this Christmas that we can possibly have,” Jeremy Leischner said.

One of the Leischner’s traditional dishes include the green jell-o salad.

‘It’s no vegetables, it’s no salad in that way, it’s like a whipped cream kind of thing.” Jeremy Leischner said.

Jeremy Leischner also said he’s a proud dad of his two girls and sees a bright future ahead for both of them.