MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Independence Day and the festivities that come with the holiday will be here soon.

But a popular fireworks show may be in jeopardy this year due to inflation and a lack of funding.

The Minot Firework Association to needs donations to ensure that the annual firework display can light up the sky this year.

Thousands of Ward County families are said to gather every year to celebrate America’s birthday with a firework show at the State Fair Grounds.

But with firework supplies up 25% in cost and with a lack of donations from the city and locals the Minot Firework Association said it is still $6,000 away from being able to create the normal firework display this year.

“This year with inflation and everything else going up, 15 is kind of our point where we want to be at for a good quality show. And so, were $6,000 away from where we want to be for our budget,” said Derrick Miller, a Board Member for the Minot Fireworks Association.

The 20-minute display is a pyro-musical where 800 or more fireworks are choreographed to patriotic music.

The association isn’t just shooting off regular store-bought explosions.

The fireworks are hand-made by a local team who puts in their own time to create the show.

Miller said, “We want to put in that extra money, we want to put in and make sure the show goes off the way we want it to. Nobody gets paid for anything. At the end of the year, we’re a couple of thousand dollars in debt basically. The last two or three weeks before the fourth we’re working eight hours a day, 10 hours a day in the shop during the week trying to get stuff together.”

He said the show that the association creates would cost the city $30,000-$40,000 if they hired an outside company.

Miller and his team are said to be able to put on a great show for about $15,000.

Only $9,000 have been allocated for this year’s display through personal fundraising, sponsors and donations.

“Up until the day of the fourth we’re struggling, we’re fighting, we’re trying to figure out how we are going to pull this off. And then once all of the fireworks light up and the show finishes and you hear the cheers, and the honking, and celebration all the way around, then remember why we did it, we did it,” said Miller.

Miller said he and his team take a lot of pride in the tradition of lighting up the sky for the community and America.

With just under two weeks until the Independence Day show, he hopes to receive enough donations to pull off another great event.