MINOT AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. (KXNET) — Minot Air Force Base residents are voicing concerns that speeding is an ongoing issue across housing.

In an attempt to curb this issue, a petition was created by Lisa Herm to add speed bumps throughout residential areas. The petition says residents have tried to address speeding on their own by buying signs to place at the end of their driveways to remind drivers to slow down and taking to social media among other things, but she says nothing seems to work.

“Speeding has been a continuous issue here at Minot AFB, especially in residential areas. Many residents have taken it upon themselves to try and address it on their own. Some have spent money out of pocket to purchase signage to place at their end of the driveways to remind drivers to slow down. Residents have reached out to social media groups to express their frustrations and in response other residents have shared similar firsthand experiences. Residents feel that their efforts have been dismissed. Kids have been hit which resulted in Security Forces implementing additional patrolling of the specific areas. However, despite multiple residents voicing their concerns for the safety of children and pets, it seems that there are still drivers who feel they do not need to abide by the speed limits and even stop signs,” the petition read.

Herm is hoping to bring this petition to Balfour Beatty Communities, the entity that runs housing on the base, to ask them to add speed bumps.

KX News reached out to Balfour Beatty for comment on this petition. A representative from Balfour Beatty issued us the following statement:

“Balfour Beatty is aware of the petition and is committed to the safety of our residents. We continue to work with our Air Force partner, who also remains focused on safety and enforcing speed limits in the community.”

Herm hopes to get 100 signatures. As of publishing time, 24 people have signed the petition.