After a cancer diagnosis just two months ago, a Minot teenager has been recognized by the Minot Air Force Base for her positivity.

Here’s their Hero of the Day.

Isabella (Bella) Knupp was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left shoulder. It started with pain, and an MRI and biopsy found a cancerous tumor.

Her mom, Ashley says Bella has remained positive through all of this.

“Very upbeat and happy and high-spirits,” said Ashley Knupp.

Bella grew up in an Air Force family and her dad retired in Minot after his last assignment on Minot Air Force Base.

On Wednesday, three squadrons at the base wanted to surprise her and lift her spirits even more.

“Honestly, it was all a surprise. I had no idea clue really what he was doing. I was just told that today at 9, Bella and I needed to be available and that’s it,” Ashley said.

TSgt. Adam Worcester has known the family for 2.5 years.

After hearing of Bella’s diagnosis, he coordinated with the three squadrons to make her the Hero for the Day.

Her new title got her the opportunity to tour a helicopter, B-52 bomber, the air traffic control tower and meet Col. Walters who is the commander of the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base.

“I think it was pretty exciting for her to see that not even just close friends and family that care but the whole community kind of cares,” Ashley said.

Bella was also surprised with a tail fin and a pilot nameplate.

“It’s much more than just a person, it’s a lifestyle that we’re embracing. So these little things like they were talking about the tail fin, that’s a big deal for their career field. Like you heard them say, if you get a tail fin when you leave, it means you’ve accomplished something great and big in your life,” Worcester said.

Worcester says Bella is a hero for more than just today.

“She’s a hero to us because of what her struggle is, what she’s going through. She’s a much bigger person than what I would even expect myself to be because I couldn’t imagine myself going through the same scenario as her,” said Worcester.

She has a long road ahead, but days like this one are something she can hold on to when times get tough.

“She’s a fighter and she’ll get through it,” Ashley said.

Bella will have surgery in about four weeks to have the tumor removed.