MINOT, ND (KXNET) — The Minot Area Community Foundation (MACF) has given a $50,000 grant to the Minot Gun Club, to help improve their youth development and hunting programs.

The Minot Gun Club is a popular location in the city, but youth hunting clubs are quickly full and enrollment is hard to come by. Although there are over 1,600 11-year-old children in the city, there have been only ten hunters’ education classes offered at the club, allowing less than 250 students to enroll.

In order to help open up more opportunities at the gun club, the MACF has provided the gun club with a grant as part of the Mike & Dorothy Dolan Fund and Bremer Impact Fund. This $50,000 fund will be used to help expand and remodel the clubhouse so that it can fit the needs of the ever-growing community.

The club’s remodeling will not only allow the facility to be open year-round but also include the addition of 3,500 square feet of classroom space. This extra room will allow the Minot Gun Club to safely fit over 50 students hoping to take part in the club’s hunters’ education courses.

“Having a facility where large groups of youth can meet and participate in hands-on learning is something the Minot area will use for the next 50+ years,” says Minot Gun Club board member Wayne Stanley in a press release.

More information on the Minot Gun Club and its future renovations can be found on its Facebook page.