A local artist got his start at age 3.

Fifteen years later, he’s about to make it big.

“It makes my day when someone appreciates my art and says nice comments about it,” said Timmothy Timm.

Timmothy’s love for art began when he was a toddler, but for the last seven years, he’s been doodling, painting and writing his own comic strips.

“I wanted to find a good, little companion for Titus and Philemon just sounded like a good name, so I stuck with that,” said Timmothy.

Now, at just 18 years old, those comics have already been published.

“I just wanted to show my artistic abilities here,” said Timmothy.

“Titus and Philemon” is inspired by a guinea pig he had growing up, named Titus. It showcases the day-to-day life of these guinea pigs with their owner, Joe.

The style is similar to classic comic strips like Garfield and Peanuts.

“Just wanted to show people what I’m capable of doing in both painting, and drawing, and cartooning and that stuff,” said Timmothy.

“His love of art and cartooning, it took me probably a year or two to even catch on,” said Robert Timm, Timmothy’s dad.

Timmothy’s work is catching on, and now his future is bright — despite a shocking diagnosis that came at age 3.

“When you first as a parent hear the term ‘autism,’ it’s very scary. But, I could not have a better son,” said Robert.

Timmothy’s abilities outweigh any disability. In fact, his work is now turning heads at the Minot Daily News.

“It’s just hard to put into words here how it feels,” said Timmothy.

Bob Patchen says Timmothy’s comics were a “breath of fresh air,” and seemed like a natural fit to the paper.

Patchen says the comics will keep running as long as he wants to keep drawing.

“I was glad. I was pretty happy that my strip would be in the paper,” said Timmothy.

Timmothy is studying art and graphic design at Minot State University. He hopes to become a successful cartoonist or graphic designer after graduation.

And he has also opened his own art gallery. The Titus and Philemon Art Gallery and Studio is open Monday through Friday in downtown Minot.