As many grocery shelves look bare, a bakery in Minot opened its doors on what’s typically their day off because of the storm.

“Snowmageddon” is what the receipts say for special orders at Prairie Sky Breads.

The bakery is typically closed Monday and Tuesday but they had some time to spare to offer bread and sweets to those who need them today.

“We were sort of uniquely prepared this time because we were preparing for Easter so we were able to kind of fast track our bread to make some bread today,” one of the owners, Jazmine Schultz said. “Just so we can get some bread in people’s hands and then get our staff home safe.”

Like many businesses, Prairie Sky Breads will not be open on Wednesday and asks customers to check in on their social media pages to see when they will be back to normal operations.

Tuesday, the bakery sold more than 70 loaves of bread, 14 quarts of soup and six pans of cookies.