Every year since preschool, Michael Sander, of Minot, has built a Valentine’s Day box to bring to school — a fun tradition that he didn’t let the pandemic hinder.

This year, he wanted to honor his mom, Kasie, and all the hard work she does as a COVID nurse manager.

“I started to brainstorm with my mom, and it didn’t take long to realize COVID is what is everywhere this year and so I thought it would be neat to do!” Michael said.

Photo credit: Kasie Sander

And, you guessed it — his box was pandemic-inspired.

Michael says he already brought his box to school because it has to quarantine before they can use it at the party next week, and all of his friends loved it.

Last year, he built a Target store Valentine’s Day box because his dad works at Target. The box even included his dad’s pickup parked in its usual spot. He’s also made an army fort and army plane in the past.

Photo credit: Kasie Sander

This is his last year making a Valentine’s Day box, but don’t worry — it won’t be the last you see of this family’s incredible creations. He has a younger brother who will pick up the torch.

“I have a little brother, Luke, who will start making them in the next few years and I cannot wait to come up with more ideas and help him,” Michael said.

Michael said he’s thankful to his teachers at Perkett Elementary for encouraging him to be creative.