When Minot Boy Scout Logan Hill was starting to think of ideas for his service project, he knew he wanted to give back to the community.

“People have always helped me do things in my life so I just wanted a chance to give back to the community and I thought non-perishable foods around this time would be helpful to a lot of families in the area,” Hill said.

And so came to be Blessing Boxes, located at Christ Lutheran Church.

They are handmade containers filled with non-perishable foods and other items for those in need to take, almost like a 24-hour food pantry.

Logan says from idea to construction, the concept took quite some time.

“We started the thinking process about what I wanted to build in early May and then by the time I got the project approved and started getting materials it was late June or July and then when we started building it was late August. And we finally finished them on September 19th,” Hill explained.

The boxes are popular in other cities in the state but are the only of their kind in the Minot area. Logan also says the pandemic played into the idea.

“I was really trying to get them done as quick as possible because I knew some people might need that help,” Hill said.

Logan says he hopes the boxes start a chain reaction and more begin to pop up in the area.

Next up on his agenda, is to earn the honor of Eagle Scout.