MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — While roads appear to be clear of snow, it is now piling up on street corners and intersections, obstructing drivers’ view of oncoming traffic.

It’s also causing some pedestrians to have to walk in the streets instead of on sidewalks.

The Minot City Council addressed the issue in this week’s city council meeting.

Members reached out to a snow removal company to get a quote on the cost of the removal.

“I think the snow piles need to be removed. Because when people come in from the side street, they can’t see the intersection, so it’s hard for them to see,” said Tony Holmes, a Minot and Williston resident.

15.9 inches fell in the Minot area in December.

The council is expecting to get the quote back by February 8 and will discuss how to move forward with the snow removal at the February 16 council meeting.