MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Neighbors are voicing their concerns about how the city will pay to replace light fixtures in neighborhoods.

Minot City Council members say that money will come out of District 65 homeowners’ pockets. Now neighbors will pay the majority of the cost.

Residents made their voices heard with some saying that they will not be able to pay this.

With some speaking up on this issue, the council decided to change the payment percentage to 35% coming from the city budget and 65% will come out of people’s pockets.

More than half of the residents in the neighborhood signed the petition to stop this assessment.

“It wasn’t right. They did not tell us upfront. They did not let us know that we had not met the 50% protest to stop this and they did it anyway because of that. it was not told to us,” said Minot resident James Opozda.

City Council members say according to state law, in order for the assessment to be stopped, a petition must be signed by 50% of the land area, not just 50% of homeowners, which neighbors had.

Council members say that’s why they passed the motion but also expressed they are sympathetic to people’s concerns.

Scott Burlingame was the only council person to vote no on this motion.

“Yeah, so the cost is spread evenly through a 10-year period and it is added to the property tax bill that you would get at the end of the year,” said Lance Meyer, a Minot City engineer.

City leaders explained to the public that their hands are tied and if they could, they would have the city pay for 100% of the light fixtures.