The group, ‘Environmentally Minded people of Minot’, on Facebook is doing their part in reducing waste in the magic city.

Tim Baumann, Minot resident and co-coordinator of ‘Zero Waste Week’, said the event came about during conversations with friends and members of the online community. The week, which takes place Feb 23-29, is meant to be a simple way for community members to get active in reducing waste.

“It is a voluntary event that works to find easy and painless ways to reduce trash and reuse every day items,” said Baumann.

Not only are members of the online group doing their part to limit their negative impact on the environment, local businesses are helping out as well. Broadway Bean & Bagel and Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch thrift store are just two of many involved in the event. Baumann says it benefits both the community and the businesses to be mindful of waste.

“Creating trash costs us money.  Businesses pass along to consumers the cost of all of the “free” items that are used for a few minutes and then end up in the trash like plastic and paper bags, paper cups, packaging, office paper, plastic silverware.  Minot Zero Waste Week helps consumers and businesses alike save money,” Baumann explained.

Some of the week long activities community members can participate in include using your refillable coffee mugs at Broadway Bean & Bagel. When used, 25 cents will go toward three local non profits: Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Companions for Children and Minot Symphony Orchestra. Broadway Bean & Bagel will also double the amount raised from the event.

Also, the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch Thrift store is offering 20 percent off any items (Minot location only), when you mention ‘Zero Waste Week’.

Baumann said it is important for people everywhere to be mindful of their usage of resources. He gave three tips that people in the Minot community, and everywhere can go by to help out the environment.

1. Remember that moving toward Zero Waste is a journey and not a destination.  

2. Identify the trash you create in your daily life.

3. Work to replace items that you currently throw away with items that can be reused or avoided all together.

For more information about ‘Minot Zero Waste Week’, and how you can participate, visit the event page on Facebook.