MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Right now, firefighters around North Dakota are telling families, don’t just plan for a cold night, plan for the worst.

This is national fire prevention week.

And the theme for 2022 is, “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.”

2022 marks the 100th year of celebrating fire prevention week.

Fire prevention week was started by the National Fire Protection Association to educate everyone on how to prevent and be safe from home fires.

“Fires are preventable. And so if we can enforce that message we can, even just getting through to one family, to prevent one fire, makes a difference in a lot of lives,” said Stuart Hammer, a fire inspector for the Minot Fire Department.

As part of the mission of fire prevention education, the Minot Fire Department is going to Minot elementary schools and reading the book, “No Dragons for Tea,” to the students to spread awareness.

“So many family’s kids, they practice fire drills at school and they don’t realize they spend most of their time at home. That’s where they sleep and they don’t have a real action plan for fire escape at home. And children need to know how to get out of their home,” said Hammer.

With the theme, “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape,” fire personnel wants people, both young and old, to know that making a plan, could save your life.

“Because if you don’t know, what if you can’t like go out your window? You have to know or else you might have, your shirt might catch on fire,” said Henry Thorlaksen, a first grader at Perkett Elementary School.

And Hammer says the biggest cause of at-home fires is cooking.

But, he says there are some things you can do to prevent a fire at your home.

“Making sure we keep the cooking area tidy. Making sure we’re always attending to anything that’s on the stovetop. So cleaning up any of the food packaging, all that, and just trying to keep that area clean. Keep any combustibles away from anything that produces a flame: furnace, hot water heater, some dryers, and stuff. We want to keep cardboard boxes and other containers from there,” said Hammer.

After the book was read, students were able to talk to firefighters and even see the inside of a fire truck and fire engine.

“We looked at some stuff. And we looked at the hose,” said Henry.

Another important part of fire safety is making sure you have working smoke detectors outside of sleeping areas, in every bedroom, and on each level in your home.