MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Walt Disney World: it’s a magical place that attracts people of all ages, but the Minot High music department is taking a trip for more than the thrill.

“Every group has its own set of performances that they do; the band has a performance that they do in downtown Disney or Disney Springs and we also do a workshop there where we play music to a soundtrack or a movie and it’s set to a movie and then that’s a memory that those kids get to keep forever,” said Band Director Evan Meiers.

Meiers is thankful for the music department that allows them to keep making this trip.

“We have such a rich tradition here with music, our bands, our choir, our orchestras, are just fantastic, and to see that grow into a performance that’s off-campus, that’s out of state, that’s just something totally out of the norm is exciting and it’s great,” said Meiers.

The Minot High music department couldn’t take this trip for the past two years due to COVID, but that hasn’t dwindled the hopes of the band students.

“I’m really glad this year we’re together in the band, like the way we were before, it is good to be back like that. So it’s exciting that we’re doing something normal again,” said Junior Band Member Maria Zepeda.

Meiers also thanked the previous director for setting this up for the department

Minot High leaves for the trip on Monday, May 30.