MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A group in Minot now intends to help those living with disabilities start their weekends on a high note with a special class — ‘Mindfulness Monday’.

Organizers at Independence Inc., where the classes take place, state that they are open to all individuals with physical or mental disabilities.

During this week’s class, the men and women who took part had an open discussion about the eight dimensions of wellness — as well as learned new breathing techniques and exercises to help them stay calm and in control.

“It’s just really grounding you,” explained Independence Inc. Independent Living Specialist Payton Bland, “and getting back to where you are, because sometimes we get a little out of control and need to come back to where we’re at.”

Bland also states that learning was just one part of the class and that these weekly meetings also show people how to apply these lessons to their everyday lives.