MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Get ready for some high-flying fun this week, the Minot Kite Festival happened Saturday at the Outdoor Family Recreation Area, and it was free to anyone who attended.

“It is going to be really cool,” said the Minot Parks District’s Events Coordinator Juan Vadell. “We’re going to have kite fliers from all over North Dakota, and they’re going to have kites of all sizes. You are going to have your regular personal kites, and kites that have to be staked and anchored into the ground — and you are going to have kites that are as big as small cars, as big as pickups, as busses.”

Vadell also noted that you might even see classic characters such as Tom and Jerry fighting in the sky thanks to a series of customized kites.

Guests seeking to join in the flighty festivities can bring their own kites, or get a free one while at the event (the park has complimentary kites, but their supply is limited), and even if you’re not into the activity itself, park officials note that visitors can instead simply sit on the benches or walk the trails and see the various patterns flying in the sky.

“It’s for the health of the community,” Vadell stated. “To go out and enjoy green space. To enjoy a walk in the park. To enjoy maybe finding somewhere to read a book, or to enjoy somewhere to enjoy flying kites with their family.”

In addition to kites, the festival also featured live music. The event went from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.