MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) – Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States.

Juneteenth gets its name from the day it’s on, which is June 19th and celebrates the day that slavery was abolished.

Although this day marks a huge event in history, it is still a time to remember that we are all in this together.

Senior Deacon Johnson expressed the true meaning behind this day.

“Once we finally got that independence it became important to our culture for us to continue to celebrate this day, just as well as we celebrate 4th of July, we want to continue to grow and build up our community,” said Senior Deacon Jamie Johnson.

Those who were in attendance were happy to celebrate this day together and hope to make this a reoccurring event.

Gerald Osby said that this should not be an event specific to the African American community but for those of all nationalities.

“To me this this is a everyday thing to me, I appreciate the day, I’m going to enjoy the day, we are going to celebrate and embrace each other, but let’s not make this the only day that we come together as a people and support each other. This should happen every weekend, this should happen everyday,” said event attendee Gerald Osby.

This event will be taking place again in Minot tomorrow in the UHaul parking lot in Minot.

Featuring bouncy castles, a 3 point contest, a dunk tank, a variety of vendors, a dance off and free food for all.

“For everybody to hear me clearly. Load up the kids tomorrow, tell your mom she ain’t got to cook, come out here get some food from us it’s free. We are going to pass it out to the community,” said Johnson

Senior Deacon Johnson says he appreciates the support in Minot and enjoys how these events are multi-cultural and how give back, for them, is a beautiful thing.

Today the US senate passed a resolution recognizing June 19th, 2022 as Juneteenth.