MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The Minot Police Department will receive new vehicles — but with supply chain shortages, there’s no telling when the cars will be put into use.

Last week, the City of Minot approved purchasing seven new vehicles for the Minot Police Department.

The department includes vehicles in its annual budget because police officers use the vehicles every day and all day long.

The operations commander says five cars were purchased last year from Nelson Auto Center in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, but only two of them have been received so far.

“I think we share the same frustrations as a lot of people do with vehicles and delays and different things like that, that are out of a lot of people’s control,” said Justin Sundheim. “And sometimes you receive information last minute and you try to make the best decision that’s fiscally responsible in the moment.”

The seven vehicles purchased for this year include five patrol vehicles and two investigative vehicles and they are also from Nelson Auto Center.