MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Bar culture is statewide in North Dakota, but what could be a fun night can quickly take a turn for the worst.

Keeping your eye out for any red flags can save your life.

If you feel drunk or sick after one drink, this may be a problem.

The Minot Police Department reports that some traffickers are known to spike alcoholic drinks with Benadryl. This makes the victim more drunk and sleepy.

Officers want to remind you never to take a drink from a stranger and don’t count on the kindness of others to get you help. Also, keep your eye on your drink at all times.

Bars in our region are getting trained on all this but police want everyone to be aware.

Arron Moss, the community outreach officer with the Minot Police Department, said, “There are codes and tips that bars will use with patrons. You can casually say things like, ‘I need an angel shot’ for example, it says ‘I’m feeling unsafe’ and they will separate you or you can talk to them quietly and privately.”

Asking the bartender to make you a new drink isn’t a problem if you suspect your drink has been tainted.