MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Snow days are often a day looked forward to by many students, but some students may still have to learn on snow days soon.

One school district is looking into making snow days, learning from home days.

The Minot Public School Board administrators were approached with the idea of online learning during inclement weather during COVID-19.

At that time they decided to not dive into the idea, but Minot Public Schools is now strongly considering this idea so that students can still learn when they are unable to be in the classroom.

“In the spring or later in the winter, we hope to have a policy or procedure in place, again this doesn’t mean that we’re going to be canceling school whenever the weather is bad or we get a snowflake in the air but in the event that we maybe know there is going to be a storm or there’s a high probability,” said Minot Public Schools Superintendent, Mark Vollmer.

In the event of an in-person class being canceled, secondary students will be sent home with their Chromebook and will complete any assigned work by the teacher.

While elementary students will be sent home with packets of things to do from schoolwork to physical education.

“Families would have access to their teachers through parent square, which is our online communication platform. It would be there to support families however we could, but at the end of the day it will look different between elementary and secondary,” added Vollmer.

Minot Public Schools understands that this may put extra strain on the parents of kids who are in elementary school, but they assure that is not their intention.

Because of COVID-19, MPS learned that students can learn online, and they want to continue learning even when the weather may otherwise prohibit it.

“Don’t want to make it a stressor for anybody because we know that we still have essential personnel in the community that need to work. We have snow removal people, we got people working in nursing homes and hospitals, and they still need to work. So, I mean regardless of all of that it’s not about creating stress,” said Vollmer.

Vollmer says that this idea will not be implemented in time for the upcoming storm that we are predicted to have next week.

Minot Public Schools believes that this idea may help connect the parents with what their child is learning in class, while also allowing them to get in contact with their child’s teacher with any questions.