MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The Minot Public School District is having an orientation for the new hires this school year.

Minot Public Schools is having a New Teacher University from August 16 through 18.

There are nearly 80 new employees this year in the school district amid the ongoing teacher shortage.

“We knew we had a lot of openings to fill. We traditionally do every year. We hire anywhere between 50 and 70 teachers so our numbers are not out of whack, I guess you could say in regard to that. We have a lot of new staff this year,” said Dr. Mark Vollmer, the superintendent of Minot Public Schools.

At orientation, staff will be learning the basics of working in the school district and incorporating technology into their classrooms

“In addition, this group will meet monthly to talk about other things as just a check-in to make sure that in their first year of employment with Minot Public Schools, that they’re doing okay. And that they’re moving along and they feel comfortable with the job they’re doing,” said Dr. Vollmer.

Linda Holcomb will be an interventionist this year and she says she will be working at Perkett and Sunnyside Elementary schools after 14 years of teaching in Georgia.

“An interventionist is a teacher who helps the students who may be struggling in a certain area, specifically in math is what I’ll be working with to help those kids bridge the gap. Especially after COVID, we saw a bit of a gap. So we wanna just help those kids get through grade level and that’s my job,” said Holcomb.

Her advice for those interested in joining the education field is simple.

“Definitely be willing to change. There is constant change going on within education and you definitely have to have a love for kids. You can’t just go into it for summers off. You have to be in it because it’s your calling,” said Holcomb.

And Dr. Vollmer has advice for all the new district employees this school year.

“Ask questions if you don’t know the answers, simply put. Ask questions. Reach out. We have 1,600 hundred staff in our district roughly and everyone is here to help. So if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask,” said Dr. Vollmer.

He also says they should enjoy their time with the school district and with the children they work with.

There are still job openings in the school districts including paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, and more.