MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A historic blizzard calls for an exceptional response — like pulling out the decommissioned, 1992 airport rescue and firefighting truck.

Battalion Chief Mason Maxwell made the decision to pull out the so-called “monster truck” to ensure Minot crews were able to make it to calls, among other things.

“We could not get around to a lot of areas of town because of the snow, and even our plows were getting stuck,” Maxwell said in a press release. “So I put it into service on the south side of town.”

The truck was decommissioned in late 2021 due to it no longer meeting Federal Aviation Administration standards for the amount of water and firefighting foam it can pump. Finding new parts for the truck was “impossible,” according to the City of Minot.

So Maxwell found a new purpose — utilizing it during last week’s blizzard in areas firefighters couldn’t reach with their regular trucks.

“It’s almost like a monster truck. It’s four-wheel drive and it goes through almost anything,” fellow Battalion Chief Jason Babinchak said in a press release. “We just thought this truck could be useful in this situation. It’s still in good shape, even though this isn’t what it was intended to be used for.”

The fire department responded to 67 calls for service during the storm. Most were medical assistance calls and reports of potential gas leaks or reports of carbon monoxide, with a few false alarms mixed in.