Softball players in Minot have been working hard to clear the softball fields so they can play outside.

In order to get the fields at the South Hill Complex cleared, the community also pitched in.

All this week, there has been snow covering the softball fields at the South Hill Complex.

“We are trying to get our girls, the spring programs, on the field,” said Thor Nelson, president of Minot Fastpitch. “All this snow we’ve had, it’s just piled up and we just wanna play ball and the girls are chomping at the bit. We’ve practiced, and practiced, and practiced and they just wanna play some games.”

Minot State softball and Minot High’s varsity and JV fastpitch teams have all worked hard getting the fields ready for use.

“We’ve just been shoveling the side by the fence trying to get it cleared off,” said Jillian Ackerman, sophomore at Minot High.

Nelson says he’s proud of the girls for shoveling the fields.

“The dedication they have, we see it every day in practice and in the off-season. But now to see them all pick up a shovel and know that it really doesn’t help their game, but I guess in some way that the strength of picking up this heavy, wet snow, cause that’s what it is now. They jump right in. They get here and they hop right in.”

Community members have also been putting in the time to help get these teams back outside.

“The community really gets behind their local kids,” said Nelson. “And there’s already young ladies here that are helping out that are not part of our softball program. And it’s just fantastic. There’s a few more trickling in right now. And people are taking time off of work to come in and help shovel. And the Park District’s here. The Park District’s been here all day.”

Ackerman says it’s awesome that people were willing to help the teams.

“I really appreciate everyone else coming out,” said Ackerman. “And it means a lot from everyone else that doesn’t play softball, just coming out to help us here.”

Nelson says North Dakota nice rings true with the community support.

“It’s why we live in North Dakota,” said Nelson. “Some people down South may question us, but our community is so fantastic up here. We’ve seen it after the flood. and we see it in the support that all of our youth programs get up here in Minot and we couldn’t ask for a nicer community.”

The games that were scheduled for Friday are postponed because of the rain.