MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Renovations are being made to an area University building causing some teachers and classes to be moved to separate facilities.

Minot State University has started renovating Hartnett Hall.

This building houses multiple departments, one of them being the Professional Communications Department.

The new renovations will make the Pro-Coms Department bigger.

“It’s going to be probably somewhere between one and two years as far as the production of that and so we are waiting to see when the actual end date is going to be,” said Minot State Associate Professor, Neil Roberts.

Hartnett Hall will be undergoing a $24,000,000 makeover.

Currently, the Pro-Coms Department is housed in Swain Hall while renovations are being done.

“So the students are going to be in for, I think, a lot of really neat stuff next week or the week after next when we discuss what’s on the horizon,” added Roberts.

Harnett Hall will host new radio and tv studios, as well as a newsroom for the campus newspaper.

All are available for the department to make use of.

In the meantime, students and teachers will have to make the best of Swain Hall.

Professors say, however, that they have no doubts the students will not let this momentary roadblock affect them.

“I don’t think we’re going to miss a beat really, it’s just going to be a little bit different for a while,” said Roberts.

The Professional Communications Department says they are thankful for the help moving into their temporary home and are looking forward to the day they can call Harnett Hall their official home.

“I can’t wait for the school year, I can’t wait to dive into this stuff and I think the students are in the same boat, that they’re ready to roll too,” said Roberts.

Roberts says the new Hartnett Hall will not only be eye-catching but more importantly functional for the students.