MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Monday, June 20 marks the start of the 57th season at the newly renovated Minot State Summer Theatre.

With phase one of the MSU Summer Theatre renovations coming to an end, the cast and crew are looking forward to providing family fun entertainment to Minot.

“To see everybody’s hard work come together, and it all is just displayed right here, on stage, and to get to be a part of that, is really special and really cool,” said Company Member Faith Klick.

Actors are grateful for the additions made to the summer theatre, which include more space to perform and some much-needed air conditioning.

“There’s a lot more space now, which will make it a lot less cramped and the dressing rooms are much nicer, I think it’ll boost morale a lot, and just make performing a lot easier,” said Cast Member Preston Edwards.

Director Joel Shura said that the updates help not only the theatre but also the Minot community.

“I think the space now reflects the professionalism and the direction in which this company can take. To be in operation as long as this company has, to have such an enthusiastic audience, this is what this whole theatre deserves,” said Shura.

Thanks to the improvements to the summer theatre, you can expect to see more people take the stage.

“We also bring in people from all over the country, Wisconsin, Ohio, Idaho, Florida, various actors who are looking to come and try something out and they saw Minot and thought, why not? So we got six or eight people coming in. We’ve got a couple of guest directors, and actors and they’re helping makes costumes and build the set, so it’s really a country-wide experience, people all over,” said Artistic Director Chad Gifford.

This beautiful outdoor theater is set on a grass-lined hillside north of the campus. The university calls it the stage above the rest from the top of the hill.

The first show on June 20 will be a musical comedy, Something Rotten.