MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — One university is back on the right track when it comes to enrollment numbers.

Minot State University saw a rise in enrollment for this fall semester.

In terms of overall students, MSU was up 64.

Although the increase was minor, it was a major boost for the admissions office because admission for the 2021 school year was down.

According to Minot State, the recruiting process for next year has already begun, and they are focusing on their hometown pride campaign, a scholarship serving those living in Minot.

“Our backbone is always right here in our home community in Minot but also the surrounding communities, they really make up a huge portion of who we are,” said Minot State University Director of Marketing, Cole Krueger.

The school is a big part of the local economy, providing jobs for dozens of families.

For more information on Minot State University’s hometown pride scholarship, visit the Minot State University website.