MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — City legislators and residents are putting lots of focus on bills in the legislature. In Minot, the city is closely eyeing 2 bills that will impact its residents.

One of these bills is the The Northwest Area Water Supply, also known as the NAWS project, which will allow the City of Minot to get water from the Missouri River. This project is worth close to 35 million dollars, and state senator Randy Burckhard says this bill is one of the most important to his constituents.

“Nobody wants to live through another flood,” said Senator Burckhard. “We all want better quality water from the Missouri River, and that’s getting to be a very popular topic across the United States. States in the southwest would also like to get river water from the Missouri River.”

The second bill Minot is interested in is about flood mitigation. For more information on this bill and others, visit the North Dakota Legislative website.