MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Minot residents have elected a new mayor.

Tom Ross, an alderman, won in a three-way race, beating current Mayor Shaun Sipma.

According to the unofficial results, Ross received more than 43 percent of the votes.

Miranda Schuler came in second, with nearly 30 percent, and Sipma trailed with 27 percent of the votes.

Ross is a life-long Minot resident and for the past two years, he’s served as an alderman.

“The main issue that I was going after and the main message was really giving people access to government, giving people a voice back in government. We haven’t had that in four years. I think the message was well received by the voters,” said Ross.

Minot City Council will now look for Ross’ replacement. He will serve as Minot mayor for the next four years.