Breast cancer is one of four cancers responsible for nearly 50 percent of all deaths in the U.S., and one survivor is recruiting people from all 50 states, including North Dakota, to raise awareness.

Sharael Kolberg of Laguna Beach, California is hosting a virtual cancer run on Zoom as a way to honor those affected by the disease.

She is turning 50 years old on August 11, and will be running 50 miles in 50 days.

One Minot woman says she is joining the cause because she has been personally impacted by cancer.

“It said, you know, ’50 for the Cure, we need runners in North Dakota’ and I was like, ‘OK let me check this out’ and they said, ‘Cancer’ and I was like, ‘Oh, definitely gonna do it’ cause I lost my grandfather 17 years ago. It was bladder cancer but still any big C I’m like, ‘I need to help,'” 50 for the Cure Team North Dakota Captain Sinie Beck said.

If you would like to sign up for the 50 for a Cure run, click here.