If you’re looking to make the most of where you live, a local woman is working to make it easy for you.

Jodie Frankl moved from Fargo to Minot eight years ago.

After learning what the Ward County area had to offer and becoming a local herself, she decided to simplify that process for both newcomers and long-time residents.

So she gathered some local writers, sponsors, and did Facebook surveys to see how locals could influence what to include in the magazine.

With that came ‘Be Local,’ a publication with background on activities for kids and adults, ways to get involved, restaurants, even things like where to work out or how to choose which pizza place is best for you.

It has family stories of how they got here, why they stayed, how they made the most of it – and how you can too.

“Minot may not be as big or as small as they think it may be,” Frankl said. “They may be coming to the Air Force Base and coming from a large city and wondering what they’ll do in Minot, how did they end up here and what can they get involved in? I love providing something that they can open up and realize that we have a lot to offer here.”

The first publication came out in October and Frankl is hoping to make a new one quarterly.

New home buyers will have a copy mailed to them, OR you can find it online and at Visit Minot.