Minot’s 3rd Annual Touch-A-Truck

Local News

Kids at Maysa Arena were able to touch semis, emergency vehicles and even a helicopter during Minot’s Touch-A-Truck event.

There was also a Zamboni, a school bus and other trucks kids could touch. People were at each vehicle explaining what it does and how it operates.

From 5-6pm, it was designated as a quiet hour. It gave kids with sensory issues a chance to get out and experience the action too.

“All of the environmental considerations are dampened to help kids have a very fun, calm experience,” said Krystal Butgereit, Trinity Health.

“And so other families that are coming at that time, just ask them to be considerate as far as not banging the horns or being too overly loud as that might be hard for kids to enjoy their time here,” Butgereit added.

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