MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Sidni Kast was crowned Miss North Dakota 2022 on June 11.

With her reign underway, KX found out what Miss North Dakota 2022 has been up to since being crowned and what she plans to do over the next year.

Kast is a Minot native who is pursuing a physical therapy doctorate degree at the University of North Dakota.

“In that moment it’s truly unexplainable because you’re just sitting there and you’re talking to the other girl and you’re hyping each other up saying, ‘Hey, you’re ready for this job no matter what.’ And so that moment was truly life-changing, obviously, but indescribable in words,” said Kast.

Kast was first introduced to the pageant world when she participated in Miss Norsk Høstfest in 2019, so she is relatively new to this world.

She says this year was her second time competing in Miss North Dakota and her advice for other contestants is to be yourself.

“When I ran the first time, I really was kinda filling this void of what people expected of a Miss North Dakota, I wasn’t being Sidni. And when I did it the second time, I was just myself. And after that, everything fell into place where it needed to,” said Kast.

Now, she wants to use her platform to inspire our state.

Kast’s social impact initiative is to help people, especially younger people, learn that their physical appearance isn’t the only thing that matters.

“The One Body Movement is all about a holistic health kind of perspective and being able to focus on our mind, body and spirit and not just how we look. I believe our youth, especially today, is really struggling with that aspect of the comparison trap. And saying, ‘Well this famous person looks this way and in order for me to be like that, I have to.’ And I really want to direct people from that,” said Kast.

Kast says it’s a great way to connect her passion for physical therapy with others, and over the next year she wants to talk to and influence as many people in the state as she can.

Kast says she’s still looking for sponsors. You can reach out through the Miss North Dakota website to be a sponsor or book her for events.