In 2021, two best friends started the business of their dreams by providing wine on the go.

Bubbles and Brews ND is meant to be an interactive staple piece for your event and it’s done just that — it recently became the winner of the 2022 Mandan Business Pitch Challenge.

“Her and I are the perfect compliments of each other, so I’m more heavy on the sales and marketing side so the front end of things, and she’s really good at the detailing, organization, and event planning pieces so we’re just really great partners and it makes it more fun,” said Hartman.

These women have transformed a vintage Piaggio Ape into a mobile bar. Bubbles and Brews ND is a mobile beverage service run by co-owners Cassidy Hartman and Krysten Faehnrich.

“We were putting our heads together and wanted to bring something to Bismarck and Mandan that was unique, provided a memorial experience, and could serve a large target market in,” said Hartman.

The van has seven taps to fill with wine, cocktail or mocktail of your choice.

“They would buy their alcohol from a retailer, distributor, or venue and we arrive and put the kegs on tap in our mobile bar,” said Hartman.

They were chosen from 11 local businesses. Hartman and Faehnrich each received $1,000 and a chance to be eligible for $10,000 loan forgiveness from the Mandan Growth Fund.

“We had no expectations going into it, whatsoever. It was just something fun and a way to be a part of the community, which was a goal when we started this business,” said Hartman.

They say the support from the community has been overwhelming.

“Currently we have roughly 20 events booked for the year and again, we’re even booking out to a few events in 2023 at this point,” said Hartman.

The first runner-up for the Mandan Business Pitch Challenge is Send-it! 24-hour cornhole. Third place went to the Sew Connection.