MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — People living in a mobile home park are in a sticky situation because they say their community has gotten worse over the past couple of months.

And with a $400 rent increase, they say they don’t have many options.

Christopher Spicer came home from work to find a letter on his door telling him the rent is going up on November 1, giving residents just under a month to make a decision.

Holiday Park in Minot recently switched ownership in March, and according to the letter, they plan to make updates to the property, which is why they say the rent has jumped $400.

Spicer said since the change in ownership, no one has ever stopped by to talk or keep the property clean.

He said it has in fact gotten worse and the owners will not answer or respond to questions from any resident.

“On the other hand I hope they haven’t done it to other people because I don’t want to see other people have to go through this are worry about where am I going to leave next month because I can’t come up with 1,400 bucks,” said Holiday Mobile Home Park Resident, Christopher Spicer.

Spicer says with the holidays right around the corner, this puts a lot of families at Holiday Park in a tough spot.

We reached out to Holiday Park, but they have yet to return our call.