Nearly two dozen mobile homes in Morton County — with the majority in Mandan — are in danger of being seized by the sheriff’s office as a result of delinquent property taxes.

The homeowners have until noon Thursday to pay what is due in property taxes, or the homes will go to auction.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says his office was notified last month and given a list of the mobile homes that have not paid taxes.

The sheriff’s office issued a Facebook post serving as a public notice listing the addresses of the homes.

Kirchmeier said some may not realize they owe taxes until they are notified taxes are past due.

“Individuals will buy a mobile home, don’t register or transfer the title or the paperwork for it, then comes tax time and they don’t realize, they never got a notice. Well, they never followed through with the first part that they needed to take care of,” said Kirchmeier.

Property taxes paid by Feb. 15 are given a discount, but county officials say that payment plans can be worked out with those who still owe.