The MOMS Club of Bismarck has been working hard to bring a little Easter bunny surprise to the community.

The first-ever “Egg My Yard” fundraiser is currently underway.

The group has been taking orders to stuff eggs and deliver them to families’ homes.

Club members will go as far as delivering eggs to your doorstep and even hide them throughout your yard.

Their goal is to help take holiday stress away from busy parents, and to give back to the community.
100 percent of the money raised goes to a local charity.

“We are raising funds for the Abused Adult Resource Center in Bismarck North Dakota.
So, we have raised over $700. We just want to keep doing things for the community, and hope that we can offer something this year that is unique and fun,” said Amie Kaiser, President, Moms Club of Bismarck.

Kaiser says the club is no longer accepting orders for this Easter, but hopes to get more people involved for next year’s fundraiser.

She also tells us another charity event will be coming in June.

For more information on the MOMS Club of Bismarck, click HERE.