A mainstay in the Morton County Sheriff’s Office is celebrating his hard-earned retirement after only seven years of work.

This sounds strange… until you take dog years into account.

Gabber, a member of Morton County’s K9 unit, has been on the force for some time, working alongside human partner Corporal Peterson.

With a final shift on July 29, he has closed the book on his time as a police dog.

In honor of Gabber’s long service, the sheriff’s office posted a short tribute video to the dog on Facebook, featuring not only footage of his long and distinguished career and photographs, but also a compilation video of the good times he shared with his partner, the rest of the K9 unit, and the department as a whole. The video also includes the audio recordings from his final sign-off.

“K9 Gabber,” says a dispatcher’s voice in the video, “We thank you for more than seven years of distinguished service to the Morton County Sheriff’s office and to your handler. We appreciate you ensuring his safety each and every shift. Enjoy all of the treats, toys, and play awaiting you in retirement. You can now take your well-deserved rest.”

The full video tribute to Gabber’s time in the K9 unit is available on the Morton County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.