Minot State University and Dakota College at Bottineau have now acknowledged that both campuses reside on the lands of Indigenous people.

The land acknowledgment statement also recognizes the history of Native people in the northwestern part of the state.

The director at MSU’s Native American Center says it’s important for statements to be written, but also for actions to be made – similar to what MSU is doing now.

“In our case, if you look at what Minot State has already done to bring Indigenous back to campus,” said Annette Mennem. “The center is an example, a director. We have a Native American club. We have an indigenous garden. We have a Native American art collection, Native American studies program. We have languages. We have geological research. Our student government has made initiatives to recognize Indigenous People’s Day as a holiday.”

Mennem says it’s important to honor and respect the land and the people who were on the land on both campuses before Minot and Bottineau were even cities.