MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A report of a shooting followed by a dangerous pursuit led to police and sheriff’s deputies having an active week in Minot.

This week Ward County saw quite a bit of crime, including a shooting and a car chase from one end of town to the other.

Law enforcement says no one was hurt in any of these serious crimes.

In Wednesday afternoon’s car pursuit, the Ward County Sheriffs Department says it started with a call regarding a 32-year-old man slumped over in his car with what appeared to be drugs in his mouth.

When deputies knocked on the door the suspect immediately woke up and slammed his feet on the gas pedal taking off, but deputies say they were ready.

“However there was a deputy a covery deputy on scene that had spike strips that was able to successfully deploy those so we were able to immediately spike the vehicle from the start,” said Jason Kraft, the Captain of Ward County Sheriffs Department.

This pursuit was a one-hour-long chase throughout Minot and deputies say thankfully no one was hurt, even when it ended on the other side of town.

“So the pursuit ended with the driver exiting the vehicle and fleeing on foot and then deputies pursuing them and making the arrest shortly a little while after,” said Kraft.

The suspect had no injuries and there was no property damage in Minot, only damage to the vehicle.

Another incident that happened this week involved a shooting in the Magic City.

Minot Police say they received a call regarding a shooting at one home and they drove immediately there to investigate.

Officers say no one was home at the time and as of now, a suspect has not been arrested. It’s still an ongoing investigation.

“In this case, we have a reason to believe that the homeowner knew the person or had knowledge of the person. This was more of a targeted event than a random event,” said Dale Plesses, the Investigations Commander at Minot Police Department.

In addition to these violent crimes drug offenses continue to be a problem in the area.

Thursday morning after a routine traffic stop, 18-year-old Grant Churchill fled on foot and was charged with false information, possession of marijuana, DUI, and intent to deliver.

Even though it seems like a lot more crime, Minot Police say there is not a rise in crime or calls.

The only difference is right now, they have fewer officers to investigate them, because of the police shortage.

Law enforcement both in the city and county say they are working very hard to keep the community safe.

They will provide updates for these cases throughout the investigations.