DICKINSON, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Badlands Teacher Association hosted its 66th annual Music Teacher Association Conference in Dickinson this week.

The event is held every year at a different location in North Dakota. This year’s speaker is Katherine Rollin who is an international composer and pianist.

“I have been addressing a bunch of different important topics. I think for teachers to be better communicators and better teachers that’s my goal,” said Rollin.

Rollin composed several different songs inspired by classical art. She enjoys showing students how art and music are intertwined.

“Then I’m talking about imagination and imagery and how to inspire our students,” said Rollin.

Students even had to chance to show off their skills.

“Part of our whole conference is to include student competition. Which we held yesterday. And that’s elementary to college. We had a number of students perform and last night they performed for the program,” said Priscilla Keogh, chairwoman and organizer for the conference.

As for Thursday, Rollin hosted a masterclass. Young students played for Rollin and in return, she gave tips to the young musicians.

“Having these types of events is really important in elevating the importance music has in our lives and helping students understand what it means to have a goal,” said Rollin.

No matter what kind of artist you are, Rollin believes everyone can benefit from conferences like this one.