MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — These days, every restaurant is hurting for help. And one eatery in Minot has a new spin on serving hungry diners.

N.D. Asia in Minot has hired a new worker, however, this worker stands out from the rest.

Its name is T5 Dinerbot by Keenon Robotics, and if you haven’t figured it out, this new worker is a robot.

“It’s not supposed to replace the person within the business, it’s actually supposed to either upscale them by learning new skills in relation to how the robot operates best within a business, so increasing order efficiencies and decreasing inefficiencies by not replacing but assisting as like a food runner,” said Co-Founder/CEO of Useabot, Aaron Oesterreich.

The setup process for one of these robots is fairly simple. They are manually guided through the restaurant while the robot generates the dimensions.

Once a full scan is complete, the restaurant enters the table numbers, so the robot can drop off food and drinks at the desired table.

“So the robot then goes to that specific area and assists the server in getting the food out to the customer in an accurate and good time frame,” added Oesterreich.

And if receiving your food from a robot wasn’t enough, the robot will also talk to you.

N.D. Asia ownership says the main goal for this robot is to not only improve the working atmosphere but improve the customer experience as well.

“I think good happy, the kids will enjoy it and whoever likes WALL-E,” said N.D. Asia Owner, Melissa Ann.

If you are wondering what something like this will cost you, the base price for the Keenon T5 Dinerbot is in the ballpark of $17,000.

Keenon Robotics is currently the global market leader in service robots with over 30,000 robots sent out all over the world.